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Priceline believes that with every trip, something is on the line. Visit the in-laws next weekend, or risk having them move in to get closer to the family. Book a hotel to see your son in college, or wait until the last minute and crash at the local frat house. To bring this idea to life on Facebook, we created 30 (yes, 30) highly targeted newscasts depicting the worst-case scenario after not booking a trip.

Client:          Agency: BBDO NY          Role: Co-Writer 

Honors: One Show Merit, Mashies Shortlist


Case Study

Facebook Target: Women 18-30

Facebook Target: Parents with a kid in college

Facebook Target: Married men

Facebook Target: New Parents

Facebook Target: Women who are active on Instagram

Facebook Target: Fans of Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing apps

Facebook Target: Fans of the NBA